Week 3: Edited Images

I have very little experience with involving edited images. In fact, the only program I have ever used is Adobe Illustrator during a training session for my job. The class was basically a very broad quick overview of how to use the program, so I feel as though I did not get too much out of it. However, I did use the little knowledge I had to make a Christmas card with a Pokemon (Snorlax-for my cousin) on it. Mastering the art of editing images in Programs like Adobe Photoshop have always been a goal of mine. I feel like learning how to use these programs as a tool would come in handy in whatever career I might pursue.

Image from
Image from

Within in the Coleman, the author tells the history of what the world to refer to today as internet Trolls. Trolls have been always edited images whether it to be to add two lines of text, one on the top and one on the bottom, or to completely alter the image all together to make it appear in a different setting or changing the meaning of the photo. While memes, virally shared images that get passed around between internet communities, are generally harmless, meaning they just have the intention to make the viewer laugh, many internet trolls make racist or sexist images that can be very offensive towards a specific community or individual. While the mainstream internet is still determining on how to deal with harmful/hateful trolls, there is no doubt that edited images in the forms of memes will continue to be passed around in internet communities whether it be about political issues/candidates, that anyone can relate to, or ethnic/class related, that only those of a specific community can relate too, in order to make any individual laugh just a little.

Image from
Image from

Edited images are used as a form of comedy. The image above is an edited version of Nicholas Cage that makes his face extremely small compared to his head. The blog that it’s from does this with many different celebrities just for the sake of comedy.


5 thoughts on “Week 3: Edited Images”

  1. The tinyfaces blog is a great example of the humor that can come out of Photoshop. Although many people can take a simple joke like that as a serious offense if used against a politician. The images you chose definitely showcase the more artistic and lighthearted side of the internet trolls described by Coleman.

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  2. I really liked your examples for your blog post, and the images chosen were used effectively. However, when looking at your blog, I feel as if it could use a bit more personality, and a bit more of who you are as a person. Although the blog is clean and is based off of a white background, it would be nice to see a little more added to it. Maybe some more pictures or a different theme. Other than that, your initial blog was fine, your design just needs some work!


  3. I loved the pictures that you chose for your editing pot the Nicholas Cage one is hilarious and the one of the bottle is super cool, something I hope to one day accomplish being able to edit that well. Your blog is very nice and well organized the only thing I would suggest possibly doing is maybe adding a few more images to the separate pages.


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