Week 4 Homework on Audio Editing

Whenever someone purchases a new computer, it almost always has a program pre-installed on it that allows the user to edit and create audio files. these programs almost always remained untouched by the user, meaning that the user will not only never know how to do something relatively simple but also miss out on lost opportunities at work because they can not create a different array of projects that require some sort of audio editing.

Image borrowed from
Image borrowed from

At first glance programs like Garage Band (shown above) are fairly intimidating, but these programs due to a lot more than just edit actual songs. In the workforce, a person might need to create a jingle for a commercial. By using one of these programs a user can use real instruments or one of the software of the computer to create a song needed for a local advertisement.

Another way knowing how to edit audio comes in handy is that it can create materials and audio clips to go along with a presentation.  Having something as simple as an edited song in the background of a business presentation can mean the difference between getting a job or impressing your superiors. By editing even simple files a user can get the upper hand in their work environment.

The benefits of learning audio editing are not limited to the work environment. Maybe some desires to create a movie of all of their pictures and videos from a recent vacation or a person wants to create a slideshow for a friend’s birthday. By learning how to edit audio in MAC programs like iMovie (shown below), a person has the ability to create a more personal and beautiful movie that will allow many memories to be preserved for years to come.

Image borrowed from
Image borrowed from

Learning how to edit audio clips might seem extremely intimidating, but even learning just a basic knowledge of different programs benefits a user in multiple ways throughout their work and personal life.


3 thoughts on “Week 4 Homework on Audio Editing”

  1. I agree that at first glance, programs like GarageBand and iMovie can be very intimidating and complicated. But once you learn these programs, they can become very helpful such as examples you gave such as commercial jingles and for work presentations.

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  2. I agree, at first glance I was intimidated by the application myself, but there really are a lot of uses for the app. Its worth taking the time to learn it. I really like the ways that you pointed out it could be used, i hadn’t thought of those myself. IMovie will be the next app I try to conquer. I also like the fact you included pictures of both applications on your blog with your post.

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  3. Nice screenshots. They definitely liven up your post, and give a visual as to what your talking about. Your edited banner is also very interesting. I also agree with what you said that adding audio to a visual presentation can impress the viewer, which is why its important to have at least a bare minimum of audio editing skill.

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