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Week 5: Edited Audio Clip & Homework for Week 6

Here is my edited audio Clip! It took some time to upload and kept running into problems with copy write issues. To solve it I faded the second song out after a few seconds to give the clip a nice smooth ending and keep it up on Soundcloud.

I also analyzed two videos from 

The first video was “Top 5 Best Disney Animated Couples”.

The video did not have that many camera angles, mainly due to the fact that it was just one person narrating the video. So the main shot used was a straightforward picture with a green screen background of old Disney VHS and DVD covers. The green screen background was actually very well done, to the fact that I am not entirely sure that it was a green screen.

The video had many cuts to the movie posters and pictures from the film throughout the video. This did not look like it was difficult to do, I believe the technique the editor used could be done in iMovie underneath the cropping option of a picture under the name “Ken Burns”.  The rest of the video features actual clips from the movie which could have been recorded and put into the video in one of two ways that I am familiar with. The first way would require the editor to take a screen recording of the video clip playing and the audio recording from the computer’s microphone. However, this technique does not result in the best quality. The second way, which was probably used, was just downloading the video clip itself off of the internet and inserting it into the video editing software.

The second video I watched was “Brad Tries Doritos Loaded”

This video was different from the first one mainly because it had a more casual style to it. There was only one angle to the whole entire thing and the lighting seemed a little weird to me. There were no effects, like green screens or movie clips, so I found it more difficult to watch than the first one.


4 thoughts on “Week 5: Edited Audio Clip & Homework for Week 6”

  1. I enjoyed your audio mix. For some reason, Soundcloud was taking down my post in less than 5 seconds of uploading it. I had to use google drive. The interface of Soundcloud looks much cleaner on a blog post as opposed to a google drive hyperlink.

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