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~The Storyboard~ Part 2: After

The storyboard process as mainly how I predicted it to be, easy but hard at the same time. While my group works well together, we are all really busy individuals so it took some time for all of us to sit together and come up with the main storyboard. We also all do realize that while we have the main idea of what the storyboard should be, it is always open to being edited. By keeping this in mind, I think, it will allow us to have a little more flexibility during the filming process in case we run into any complications.

In the near future, I hope that we write down a complete script. While our storyboard has stage directions and words written on it, I think a literal script would be helpful. I might feel this way because I was a theatre kid and seem to prefer to read blocking, stage direction, actions, and dialogue in a script format. I do believe that my group can pull this off without adding on more work to the whole project.

Concerning the reading and the final project, there is one main point. The biggest point the article makes is that today the main form of self expresion and creativity, is to create a combination of works previously produced in the past. This can be encorporated into the final project by referenceing pop culture and humor from our past and “remixing” it so it has purpose in the project.


2 thoughts on “~The Storyboard~ Part 2: After”

  1. I agree that writing a full script would be useful. If anything, it’d bolster the stage directions written on the storyboard. Also, if all the actors know exactly what to say, the video play out seamlessly.


  2. I agree it is super hard when we all have busy schedules, but I do think we do a good job of working together! I also agree that a script would be a good idea in order to have the filming flow. I also like how we have room for changing things up by having the choice to switch things up in the storyboard and see what fits best.


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