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Week 10: The Creative Commons Search

As we all steam ahead with our final projects, I turned to Creative Commons to find some free and legal material to use towards our skit for the final project.

The first piece of media I found using Creative Commons was the video shown below of a person typing on their laptop. During our skit, we plan for our actors to search on the web for Carrer Services, the Focus 2 program, and to scroll and click through the program itself. While this video will be useful, there will be a continuity error while using it. I do not believe that any of us have the laptop that is being used within the video so that varying aspect will bother me in particular. So we will most likely shoot this part ourselves and add it in.

The second piece of media is this picture which I found on Flickr. This image can be used during the beginning of the video in an intro section if we choose to do that. Being that this video will be more of a skit and not a direct infomercial I am not entirely sure that this image will be used because in the end, I’m not 100% sure where it can go. If we do choose to use this image, however, I think that it works well with the theme of finding a career and a major can be easy while using Focus 2.

Careers Key

The third piece of media I found was off of Soundcloud. It is upbeat ukelele background music, that is really good because it is free. While I am sure that we would all prefer to have a song everyone knows playing in the background of a college dorm room, due to copyright laws this song will have to do. It is cheery and subtle to keep the audience engaged in the skit that is taking place.


4 thoughts on “Week 10: The Creative Commons Search”

  1. Out of your three pieces of media, I think we’ll be most likely use the song. Jordan also found a song from Nicolai Heidlas, “Morning Sun.” Since the two songs sound similar and include the ukulele as the predominant instrument, they should blend into one another nicely. If we mute the keyboard typing video, we could use the visual as a nice transition shot between showing someone’s face and the computer screen. I doubt we’ll be using any still pictures in our project, because there doesn’t seem to be a good place to put them; switching from moving footage to a still picture would just look awkward. As I mentioned on Jordan’s blog, the Lessig article discusses the negative effects of copyright laws on creativity; because we found our media using the Creative Commons Search Engine, we’re free to use them without having to worry about copyright law backfiring on us.


  2. I thought that the song you used was so cute and upbeat. We definitely can use that in our video. I really think that it would put a positive vibe in our video. This will help and then we won’t sound boring 🙂


  3. I love that we have similar taste in music! I definitely would like to incorporate background music into our video, in my opinion I think it will give us a more professional vibe! Dealing with copy right infringement laws is always hindering and tricky but by using the creative commons search engine I think we can make the most of our project and still make it look very professional. I also liked that you found the typing shots on youtube because I would really like our group to incorporate those kind of shots into our project as well. Even though we are filmmaking amateurs we have the ability to make a great project!


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