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Week 11: Lights, Camera, Action!

Today is the day! My group is finally filming our final project. We chose to film in my on-campus apartment, due to the fact that the living room is very spacious and can be manipulated with props and set dressing. I am satisfied with the progress we are making so far even though we hit one major bump along the way. That bump would be our scheduling conflicts. While all groups have trouble scheduling around everyone’s individual life, I feel as though we are having an even more difficult time being that a half of our group, myself included, was planning on returning home this weekend for Easter.

While we all made plans to film on Thursday night one of our group members would not be able to attend the filming, so to compensate she will receive more of the writing portion. Through good communication we were able to evenly distribute the workload while accommodating everyone in the group, resulting in a positive ending.

Currently, we have not had any issues in our group other than the whole scheduling hurdle.

Soon after we finish the filming we do plan to edit the video as soon as possible. This is extremely important because I personally as well as my whole group would like the project to be done with not only so that we can concentrate on the paper portion, but also so that we can concentrate on the final exams and projects of other classes.

Being that we had no major comments towards our storyboard form the instructor we plan to use it throughout the video without making major edits. However, we do completely realize that edits to the storyboard might have to be made to keep our video high quality and to also keep it within the designated time limit.



5 thoughts on “Week 11: Lights, Camera, Action!”

  1. Though I’m not exactly looking forward to writing so much, I understand that that was the fairest solution to our scheduling issue. From what I’ve read on the other blogs, it sounds like the filming went well. I’m sure everyone’s hard work will be rewarded!


  2. I’m glad we figured out a great solution to the scheduling conflict and work distribution dilemma! I am beyond happy with the way our filming went! We had a lot of fun and got everything done in a timely fashion and had really great props! I can’t wait to see the finished product!


  3. I had a great time filming together and thankyou for letting us use your apartment; it was perfect! I will definitely start editing this week, this weekend was just crazy with easter. Glad we were able to schedule a time to work together and distribute the work evenly


  4. It sounds like your group is really doing well, that’s awesome! Although you guys hit an obstacle I think your solution was very fair and the fact you all communicated so well together really says a lot. My group has dealt with similar issues, going to school working and commuting is a difficult process so it’s very hard to try and figure out the best time to film, edit and write but trying to get it out of the way to focus on other finals is definitely the smart decision. Good luck with your project guys!


  5. Scheduling is definitely a pain. All of my group members have jobs on top of their school schedules, so i can definitely sympathize with your scheduling dilemmas. Its good that you guys found a solution by having the member with the most scheduling issues take a larger portion of the paper. Seems like a good balance.


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