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My Midterm Response and Top 5 Classmate Blogs

My Midterm Blog Response

The creative process for my midterm blog was somewhat hectic, my creative process is. The College Road Trip is a travel blog focusing on the key aspect of saving the audience money. In order to set the blog apart from the rest, I decided to go on “Example Trips”, meaning that I would go on road trip vacations and produce a video that will show all the steps I took in order to save money.

Making the blog itself was fun, I loved designing the header, even though photo editing is extremely tedious, and I really loved developing series of pages that I thought would add depth to the blog, specifically meaning I wanted it to look more functional than just having a “Home” page.

Moving onto the making of my video. I made the first “Example Trip” video based on the trip I took over spring break to Washington D.C. There were two challenges I faced while making the video. The first was filming everything I needed in Washington D.C. before I actually put the video together, meaning I needed to keep track of what I needed to film and if I forgot about it I would not be able to just go back outside and reshoot being that it is four hours away from my dorm. The second problem was making sure to keep the video format away from a “vlogging” one. I had to remember that I could not just be filming what I was doing at any moment, I had to constantly remember and be aware that I had to put everything in the video that would be relevant to the main point of The College Road Trip.

When I completed my midterm project I was very satisfied with the results. I also found the entire experience of producing and distributing my own blog and videos exciting and I would like to continue doing that hopefully in my future employment.

My Top 5 Midterm Blogs

5. “The College Fitness Blog” by Molly

For number five on my list of favorite midterm blogs, I chose “The College Fitness Bog” by Molly O’Brien. I really like the header for this blog, I think it is a really cute picture that shows that the blog is dedicated to students who want to get in shape. I also really like the welcome post it covers a lot of topics in one post so it really shows the range of topics that the blog intends to cover. I also thought the video was very straight forward and easy to follow, which I think is a very important aspect for any recipe video.

4. “Just Go Shoot” by Jeffrey

For my number four choice, I chose “Just Go Shoot” by Jeffrey Gomez. This blog overall looked very clean and professional. I like that on the bottom of the home page there are common terms that are used throughout the blog. I also liked that there are different pages for different photography like nature, sports, and city photos these different pages have a multitude of different pictures which really show how much time and effort went into the blog. The video was also very well done and it was very nice to see how to use photoshop because it is something that we did not use in class but would likely use in the future.

3. “Beauty by Geri” by Geri

My third choice is “Beauty by Geri” for a few main reasons. The biggest is that this blog seems very personal and welcoming. The color scheme of the background and header creates a happy feel that I think would keep an audience coming back to this blog. I also enjoy the few posts that are on the blog it shows that this is not just a makeup blog but also a hair one as well.  The menu bar also offers easy access to find posts related to their main category, meaning that the audience can easily access all that the blog has to offer.

2. “NYC Eats Under $20” by Rhianne

My second choice is “NYC Eats Under $20” by Rhianne. I absolutely love the concept for this blog, growing up in New York City has taught me to do my research before going out to eat and this blog seems to do it all for me. Not only does it offer cheap places to eat, it also has another topic category about restaurants that go viral to see if they are really worth it. Rhianne went to the cookie dough bar that I would have loved to go to, so I am happy to see another opinion on the eatery before I make my journey there. The blog looks clean and professional, my only critique is that maybe a slight change in the background color, but overall I really like this blog.

1. “All Things Firefly” by Lorena

My number one choice was “All Things Firefly” by Lorena! This blog looks like it could actually be an official blog used for Firefly Music Festival. I think this is due to the multiple header images with a link to their individual page that appears when you scroll down the home page. The blog was well thought out with multiple pages with varying topics. I have been contemplating buying a pass to Firefly this year but have not committed because I am not entirely sure what to expect at a music festival because I have never attended one. Maybe it is because this blog fills the audience niche that I would be apart of, but I love the design and content of this blog throughout. Great Job!


Google Docs??

I was not sure if I was supposed to include anything in my class blog about my final project because I need clarification on this weeks instructions for homework. If we are supposed to mention our expierence in google docs, I have used it before and always use it when I am doing a group project!